Providence Locksmith Store Car Key Replacement Providence, RI


Losing a vehicle’s key can be a major headache. They tend to be very expensive – the equipment needed to make them isn’t cheap – and if you get a car key replacement  made from your dealer, you will often have to wait for a very long time for delivery. So what do you do if you need it made urgently? If you are located anywhere in the Providence, RI area, then Providence Locksmith Store ’s automotive locksmiths can make you new ones in a matter of minutes. We have been making new keys and helping vehicle owners with various lock-related problems for almost a decade now. You can rely on us to make you a high-quality replicate at an affordable price.Providence Locksmith Store Providence, RI 401-424-9827

What kind can we replace?

You can get all kinds of car key replacements  from our locksmiths. Here are some of the kinds we can cut for you:

  • Regular car keys:  If your vehicle is very old – made before 1995 – we can still make a copy key for you.
  • Smart or transponder keys:  Almost all modern cars have transponder keys. These have chips embedded in the plastic fob which has to be specially programmed by a computer if they are to start the car.
  • Remote:  If you have a plastic remote fob attached to your keys, you can pick up a replacement from us.
  • Switchblade keys:  These have become very popular recently. They are just like transponder keys, except this can be folded inside the fob to make it compact.

We can get it done affordably

You don’t have many options if you want a car key replacement. You can either get one made from your dealer, directly from the manufacturer (if they offer that service) or from us. If you get a new key from your dealer, chances are they will charge you an extravagant amount for it. It also sometimes takes the dealer days to ship the finished product to you. We will, on the other hand, develop a new one at a very affordable price. Thanks to the advanced machinery in our mobile locksmith vans, we can create replacements  in just a handful of minutes.

We make car key replacements  24 hour a days, 7 days a week. Call us now on 401-424-9827